Speaker: Phil Pike
Series: Preparing for a Life of Purpose
Book: 1 Corinthians, John
Topics: God's Love, Grace

We prepare for dinner. We prepare for vacation. We prepare for job interviews and weddings and retirement. But do we ever spend any time at all preparing for God to use our lives? You may not think God wants to use you because you don’t believe your life has any significance. But God has a great purpose for you… yes, for YOU! Come discover how to live a life of purpose right where you are!

Remember being on the playground at school when the kids would choose teams for kickball? Did you ever have the awful experience of being the last one chosen, or maybe not being chosen at all? Sadly, many people go through their entire life feeling that God would never want them on His team because they see themselves as having no value at all. If you feel weak, ashamed, broken, overlooked or useless in life, you need to know that God sees great value in you! In fact, you are exactly the person He is looking for to show His greatness through. Listen and be encouraged by today’s message!


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