Nena Ubani aka Duchess can only be described as the new face of African woman. A beautiful talent with the charming smile. She is not just a beauty, Nena is a very hard working talented woman of substance. She started her presenting career with Voice of Africa Radio as a co-host on The Woman2Woman show and later got her own show. She also worked for Guess radio, a UK urban radio station. She is also a regular face on different TV shows. This multitalented has had the opportunity to interview so many leading African and international names including Stevie Wonder and she is also a columnist for Africa world newspaper Ireland.

​Nena is also an experienced talent manager and has worked with many young artists. Her management company, Huntaz Entertainment Records, has developed and promoted talents likes Andrew Bello, JBaby, Chuka Royalty, Selebobo, Dj Kaywise and many more. She then founded Duchess TV and the Igbokwenu radio with the aim of providing a platform for promoting talent and positivity in our community. 

​ Prior to creating her own media platform, Nena had worked in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police London as a youth mentor, engaging young people as a way to combat crime. For this she received an  'its your community' award of excellence from o2, recognising the work she did with young people in Haringey and Enfield council. She has also received numerous awards and nominations over the years.

​ Her natural charm is her treasure earning her the adoration of many. She is a sort after speaker. She recently became a Brand Ambassador for NaijaXclusive and the international spokes person and brand ambassador for Le Amy spa in Lagos Nigeria and was also named as one of the judges for the prestigeous Mr Africa International. Her TV show, Tea with The Duchess, was recently snapped up by a TV station in UK and also scheduled to start airing in Nigeria very soon. Nena continues to do her work in dignity representing the African woman perfectly wherever she goes.
' Tea With The Duchess' is a fresh and dynamic TV show where guests drop in for tea and a friendly chat. The show is presented by Nena Ubani a.k.a Duchess whose unique and relaxed style is fun and brings out the guests' personality. The show is both entertaining and informative. It aims to promote and showcase positive role models in our community  from all works of life. It also a platform to discuss issues that concern our community

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