Toronto’s performing producer Slakah The Beatchild is known for his eclectic,  hip hop soul infused music released  via legendary label BBE Records and as one half of the electro-soul-house duo The Art of Fresh (Universal). His most recent project, The Slakadeliqs, balances an epic range of sounds, from folk and prog rock to hip hop, soul and funk. 

His new single '2nd Most' serves up a slice of summer soul merged with influences from psychedelia and funk; available now exclusively through No Help No Handouts in the UK.

Stunning actress Portia Ferno of 'Anuvahood' fame, plays the love interest in the retro inspired visual accompaniment to 2nd Most and elevates the single to the next level. Having been labelled the most beautiful woman in Europe by the likes of Kanye West, proves that we all have a 2nd Most, and falling behind Kim Kardashian can't be that bad.  The video which is directed by John Hendrickse and  Tracer Ital will definitely entice anyone into a second viewing.

NHNH released The Slakahdeliqs album The Other Side of Tomorrow in late 2012 in the UK. kicking off what has been a great start to the year. With high expectations and a growing base of loyal fans The Slakahdeliqs '2nd Most' is sure to keep ears listening.

The official music video and single dropped on 18th August. You can purchase the single here:

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