Dear Child,

If you’re reading this letter, it shows that my doctor has informed me that I don’t have that much time left to live, my illness has done its work and it’s almost time for me to obey nature’s call to eternity.
Even though I’m over 96 years old, I have lived a wonderful and fulfilling life, filled with a lot of adventure; some disappointments along the way of course, but that only makes life’s journey sweeter and inspiring to reflect on.
I’m sure you’re wondering why I have decided to tell you everything through writing letters, well, I can explain that. First of all, I’m not able to speak as clearly as I want to and secondly, I am constantly surrounded by doctors, so I can’t be alone with you.
Anyway, I have so much to tell you, about life and the lessons I learnt on the way. Some things you would read from these letters might make you wonder if it’s worth it at all to go after your dreams and goals, and some would really make you excited about what is ahead of you. All I ask is that you take the time to think on these things and apply as many lessons as possible
It is true to say that success comes to those who approach life, work, relationships, money, health, family, business in a certain way. What they mean by that certain way is called culture.
My goal is to tell you different ways of how I succeeded in a lot of my endeavors and how I failed in some of them; they were all being influenced greatly by my culture.
Also, I will tell you how I came across a certain Culture Matrix, which helped me, understand my culture and know the right one to use for different aspects of my life. 

This is the Culture Matrix
The Culture Matrix consists of Six (6) Letters, each of them representing a guiding phrase. When I was faced with a situation, I used the Matrix to determine the right approach for that situation.
The moment i noticed it worked out well, I immediately made it into a culture rule; thus, it became the new approach to use in that aspect of my life.
So, here is the first aspect of my life, and the culture rule created with the guide of the Culture Matrix

Aspect 1:- People
Culture Rule 1: Treat people right but don’t expect them to treat you right in return.
This rule of mine sounds very strange and you’re probably wondering, why on earth should I treat people right, or even help people when they are in need; and not expect them to return the act of kindness?
Well, I have felt the same way and often expected people I helped to return the favor; ohhhhhh, was I wrong. I have been disappointed by a lot of friends, relatives and even my family. Does this sound familiar to you? I’m sure it does. I took the disappointments really personal, and it caused so much damage to the way felt about people , until I discovered latter in life that it is wrong to expect people you helped to return the favor, the reason why is because they are human and they owe you nothing.

If that is the case, then what should I do? The answer is simple, You should expect life to send people to treat you right, and not necessarily the people you helped. When you approach life with that way of thinking, it will free you from depending on certain people when you’re in need, instead , you will look to life to send people , to come to your aid. It will surprise you that those who now come to your aid are those you least expected anything from.

This lesson made perfect sense when I read the Bible, although I can’t remember where it was stated, but it said ‘God is not mocked, what ever a man sows, so shall he reap’. In other words, you will reap what you sowed. Did you notice it said you will reap “ WHAT YOU SOWED, not WHERE YOU SOWED’’. That means that if I treat somebody nice and help someone in need, I will reap it back, but not necessarily from the person I helped.

You can imagine the relief I got when I got this answer from the Bible, since then, when I help someone, I try not to expect anything in return from the person. I agree it was difficult at first, but after a while, I got used to it and began to expect life to send someone to return the act of kindness.

My child, please see life through my eyes, it will save you from a lot of hurt and disappointment. Expect life to treat you right and I assure you, it will, as long as you continue to treat people around you right.
That is my first Culture rule, take the time to think about what you just read and try to apply it.
In my next letter, I will tell you about the Origin of the Culture Matrix, and how I use it to create Culture rules, like the one you just read.

Take good care of yourself my child, expect the best from life, and you will surely get it.

Remember, your culture is everything



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