With the music video for his latest single “Anti-Social” featuring Olamide still sitting high on nationwide charts after nearly five months, MORELL returns with a brand new offering titled “Ganga Da Garaya” but with a very alternative and unique twist as the exciting artist continues to be a shining light for innovative forward-thinking music and continues to push the boundaries for modern Nigerian Pop music.
Produced exquisitely by DANJA and backed by lush traditional Hausa drum patterns and traditional Hausa guitar instrumentations, “Ganga Da Garaya” is a feel-good record sung uniquely in Morell’s native language of Hausa. With a glorious vocal performance and catchy indigenous lyrics with emotive and uplifting translations such as “come and see the gathering of the youth, real love born out of likeness” and “celebration is what’s happening, growth came with a promotion”, Morell is in resounding form with this new song.
Already poised for massive radio success in the Northern regions of Nigeria with Rhythm FM Abuja showing early massive support for “Ganga Da Garaya”, this gloriously infectious tune is set to spread like wild fire across the country, with both Hausa and non-Hausa speaking audiences falling in love with this song. Listen to “Ganga Da Garaya” below and join in the celebration…

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