OLAJIDE “STREETPOET” OLATEJU was born 9th march 1981 to a family of 6, number 3 out of four children. a rapper, mc, poet, and spoken word artist who grew up listening to different genre of music, but rap/hip hop became more interesting to him and listening to the likes of rakim and eric‘b’ , cl smooth and pete rock, drew his attention more to hip hop. rap then became a verse in his mouth, and as a result, he became a whiz’ kid in the block, miming other mc’s rap and people would watch him do the rap.

STREETPOET owes his rap skills to his childhood experience, people he grew up with and the environment where he grew.

“Hello everybody how do you do, i’m the man with tha microphone lemme introduce myself, my name is jyd-tha man, i’m jyd-tha king for tha israelites”, was his first self-composed rap verse. the name jyd, was coined out of his real name ‘ OLA-JIDE’(mostly pronounced JIDE) and tha ‘KING FOR THA ISRAELITES’ was as a result of King David which he acted while in elementary school. Though, never thought then that he was going to do rap on a professional level, he was still ‘hip hop’. He had to face his academics, and now with a diploma in educational management, a degree in guidance and counseling and masters in view he is back to his first love, ‘hip hop’.

‘Hip hop is a gift from god to the world, it should be represented and presented positively’…streetpoet. that is why he (street poet) chose to spread positivity in hip hop because hip hop educated him, even outside the four walls of the formal educational system. he believes his rap will change the world that’s why he is a conscious mc, treating global issues through his musical art form and that makes his music global and always relevant, making his songs ‘a never to do away with’.

Also a poet with several performances at various places, he became the first poet of an african descent to ever have his writings performed/read on ~re-verse~ classic poetry open mic anchored by andy scott and nylaalisia in canada.

He started an independent record label in 2010, Stillmassive records, which plays host to rappers like OZ1, ILL PRIEST, and a spoken word artist THICK CODE also the group thorough righteous teachers, and endy a vocalist who featured in his single “Africa on my mind”.

He recently signed a marketing and distribution deal with tate music group Oklahoma, U.S.A. and as a result, he looks forward to having a global spread with his musical art form.

Street Poet had worked as project facilitator/counseling psychologist with the world diabetes foundation-strategies for improving diabetes care in Nigeria. (WDF-SIDCAIN)

He is a Christian, with a vision of spreading his voice to the Globe.

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