Introducing Nigerian Reggae artist and fast-rising producer NEFE STONE with the brand new music video for his debut single titled “Eldritch Troupe”, inspired by the legendary Majek FashekRas Kimono and all the classic Nigerian Reggae icons that have come before him.

Meaning “strange group”, his first single “Eldritch Troupe” is inspired by simply being yourself, even if it is different from the norm or what society expects. In Nefe Stone’s own words, Eldritch Troupe “promotes self-growth, while suppressing that servile character that tend to encourage an excessive willingness to serve or please others against one's wish”.

Directed by Martin Van Londen and presented as a 70’s themed music video, the captivating visuals for “Eldritch Troupe” produce a lost tapes effect that induces a nostalgic emotion from the viewers. Like the Reggae legends before him, Nefe Stone sees his music as a platform to promote social justice as well as his anti-bullying causes.

Born in Zaria, Kaduna to parent from Onitcha, Nefe Stone now resides in Portland, Oregun where he has honed his artistic craft and flair with a sound that is deeply rooted in Roots Reggae but also excellently showcases Hip-HopAlt-Pop andIndie leanings. This combination of sounds has culminated in the making of his forthcoming debut album titled An Avant Gardener of which, “Eldritch Troupe” is the first single…

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