“After watching this video you sure would agree with or without “The most gifted rappers list” that made its round all over the internet some days back, that we do have gifted rappers in Nigeria.
Modenine no doubt is legendary in the art of rapping in Nigeria; he always shows why he remains tops.
Vector The Viper aka VEC never let’s his guard down as he proves his worth, why he is one to respect in the game with his smooth punch lines and crazy word play, you have to listen attentively.

More appearance by Jimmie of Beat FM anchoring the show down, Timix, Morell of Bento Record, Blink of Syndik8 Records, Vien of City FM and M.I’s official DJ – DJ Lambogini [She's funny i tell you].
Be on the look out for Part 2 as it will feature Nigeria’s A List rappers.
Anticipate ”The Cypher [Part 2]“

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