Once again, Beijing based naija MC, BJ-Mighty has come out to prove his versatility in all genre of music, proving that he is armed with every weapon that it takes to be a top notch in the naija music scene. This cat has in the past couple weeks been "dropping mad singles like he ain't ready for an affair", *Geddit?* all in anticipation of his yet to be titled album/mixtape.

Known for his hardcore rap and lyrical dexterity has decided to show his softer side by going out of his lyrical comfort zone and teaming up with Lil Dizzie, who also has been able to create a niche for himself amongst Naija and Ghana music enthusiast using the power of social media. Also teaming with Beijing based artiste and producer BJB, who is also the founder of NPNG Entertainment based in Ilorin, and these 3 cats didn't hesitate to go all the way in on this club banger.

#ShakeYourBody is that rare type of jam that sets the dance floor ablaze and make every party people get up and dig into their best dance move. A must possess for every DJ, music lover and every "tungba" or better still Afro-pop lover. I personally was shaking my body on my first listen. :) The hook is a killer!!!

King Mighty never miss a chance to let it be known that he is a "lyrical loocifer" so again he decided to let his voice be heard by delivering again on the self produced "Voice".

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