Yes, I know she's now just Ego and everyone is showing her love this week because it is her birthday on Friday Yippee! FreedomHall wishes Ego Ogbaro the very best and infact, we host her on Thursday, 10th of
October, 2013 at Ember Creek, 32 Awolowo way Ikoyi from 7-10pm. She will be performing her very best songs with her full band. Join us to celebrate this sultry singer alongside several other Artistes, Poets, Comedians, etc. We are very excited to have Ego at FreedomHall.

We are also very excited about the FreedomHall Live Comedy Nights every Tuesday at 284 Lounge, 284 Ajose Adeogun, str VI from 7-10pm.
Last week, Larry J and friends cracked us up so bad, we cant wait for this Tuesday. Don't worry, there will also be music by featured guest Artistes backed by the FreedomHall band. Join us and share your jokes, wit, relax with friends and colleagues and have a drink on us. Yes, you heard right. We are supported by Jameson, so buy one and get a free drink.

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Twitter: @freedomhalllive

Dont forget to join us on FreedomHall Live on every Tuesday and Friday from 3-pm. Please listen live from anywhere in the world and call us on +23412957238.

Have a beautiful week FreedomHall. Yipppeeee!

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