Yaw’s n Myn, a new TV sitcom basically shaped on the life of the radio presenter, YAW, his life with his family, how he had to cope with his brother, Ralchukwu, and his sister, Cheta. As for YAW, Life was all normal till his parents left to work in America and left him to take care of his two grown siblings. Ral, who thinks he is a great music talent but rather he is not, and Cheta, she cant cook at all. But when his parent calls, all he tells them is, we are happy and fine. Yaw was frustrated to the extent that he wants to throw his siblings out.

We promised it was going to be Online for viewers worldwide. Its ready..

You can now watch Yaws n Myn, Your favourite Hilarious sitcom now on youtube...

you must subscribe to the youtube channel to watch. Its free and you will get an email alert when oda episodes are uploaded everymonday by 12noon.

Watch the full Episode 1

So for every episode you have missed on TV. You can always watch online.

You can now watch Yaws n Myn on the Following TV Stations

Africa Magic 154 DSTV- Mondays- 8pm
STV- Saturday- 11:30am
ITV Benin- Sundays 3:30pm
BCOS ibadan- Mondays 8:30pm
ITV Abuja- Mondays 8:30pm
NTA Aba- Mondays 5:30pm
AIT Abuja- Fridays 6:30pm
TVC Lagos- Tuesday 8:30pm
RSTV P/H- Tuesdays 4:30pm
NTA Kaduna -Wednesday 7:30pm
ABS Awka - Fridays 8:30pm

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