“With songs like “Yes/No” and “Strong Ting”, Banky W has cemented his place as the King of African R&B. This time though, we find on “Jasi” that he switches gears and changes styles entirely AND effortlessly by putting out what many would call an Afropop song… one that we would not expect from the R&B maestro, but one that works very well, nonetheless. It’s playful and funny, sexy and seductive all at once. Mr W fully intends to continue in the Afro-R&B lane, but time and again, we see him successfully experimenting with other genres (most notably Rap & now Afropop), proving that true artists can think, and express… “outside the box”.
From R&B… to Rap… to Commercial Afrobeats/Afropop… we’re finding out that there’s little Banky W isn’t capable of doing, and doing very well. He is arguably, THE most versatile Artiste on the African Continent. Produced by hitmaker extraordinaire and longtime collaborator MasterKraft, enjoy “Jasi” as you listen.”

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