“Nigerian R&B singer, Collins Clever Iroghe, popularly known as Dezign, releases his new music video titled My Heart. Dezign who hails from Delta state is one of the upcoming talents in Nigeria. He released a single titled ‘Fresh Guys’ with Big Brother All Stars winner Uti Nwachukwu in 2011 and followed it up with ‘Paradise’ in 2012.
“My Heart” is a moderate R&B ballad that is about Dezign addressing his lover about the worries he has whenever they argue; he states that “my heart is in your hands, don’t let it fall down”. He uses his powerful melodic voice to portray his emotions.

The video begins with Dezign addressing his lover, expressing the troubles of their relationship. Symbolic scenes such as a glass breaking and flowers being watered is then intercepted as we see Dezign singing to his lover’s picture while playing a grand red piano. Other scenes illustrates Dezign performing in various concerts.”

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