FreedomHall presents Micheal Idah and friends this Thursday, 5th of December, 2013 at 284 Lounge, Ajose Adeogun str. V.I. Its a special evening involving beautiful singers, rappers, poets, comedians, etc.

Still to come this December, FreedomHall  First lady of EME, Niyola and her EME mates; Tyson; Segun Obe; etc. Join us.

FreedomHall Thank God its Friday resumes very soon at a venue you love. Its by popular demand and we love it already. Share your thoughts on this. Which Artists do you want to see and at which venue? Invite friends too.

Please watch FreedomHall on and view us on Google+ and Facebook by searching for FreedomHallNigeria. Follow us on Twitter: @freedomhalllive. Check our website for more infor.

You can also log unto to listen to FreedomHall Live on Tuesdays and Fridays, 3-5pm.

Stay free.

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