From ancient times to recent times, the dulcet sounds of horns have been registered in the ear of music lovers; creating comfort & alienating emotional stress. While its nourishing sounds cannot be denied in orchestras, its sweetness as a solo instrument can also not be overemphasized. However, just like any other instrument, it requires a perfectly honed skill to unleash its innate potentials- and that's exactly what Peter Falade (known as saxoSmooth) has done with the saxophone.
His eclecticism has taken him across different countries, like Singapore, Germany, France, Cameroon, Abidjan etc where audiences were tantalized by his dulcet tone and tunes. Also, if you've listened to the legendary Onyeka Owenu, Tee-Mac, Ebony Band, Mind Groovers, Heart-Beat Band, and One Nation band, you’ve definitely listened to saxoSmooth.

In addition, he's currently with the modern king of highlife, Flavour Nabania; whose songs like “Ada Ada,” “Nwa Baby,” have become international hits. SaxoSmooth has currently given a facelift to a song by the aforementioned icon, for the forthcoming Valentine’s Day celebration. “Kwokrikwo” the song is about the admiration of your soul mate. If you are looking for a way, or a song to embed in lightning up your partner’s world, this song is highly recommended. From saxoSmooth to you, “have a very romantic Val experience!”


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