The Multiple Award winning group and Hip-Hop Impresario G.A.2.R are back with another revolutionary music video off their 'DA STREETZ' CD, the first half of the 'HIT ME WITH 16' Album.The song "Shibi Ilemi" is an adaptation of a traditional Yoruba folk song and was produced by Ahmed "Evergreen" Ibrahim. The infusion of folk music with a contemporary beat and hip hop vocals are the key ingredients that make the song catchy to listen to.

The  captivating music video with excerpts from 1956 video archives of pre-independent Nigeria, combined with scenes from the slums of Langbasa in Ajah community of Lagos provokes thought on global perception ,while asking the question on our "progress"  (or otherwise) as a nation , post - independence. It's safe to say that GA2R has done it again with another captivating performance for Shibi Ilemi - the music video , which is one to look out for.

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