Ogbonge award winning presenter KIMANI ADEKEYE wan take talk talk for radio go another level as she wan start one tin wey she go dey call "#KimaniOffAir" Twitter Interview and she go start this tin with the oga patapata for YBNL , Olamide Adedeji,for Friday the 13th by 8 O'clock for night.

The program "Kimani off air" na something wey she start and she wan use am as way wey she go take to teach, motivate, entertain and come showcase people wey don tanda gidigba both young and old for the work wey dem dey do for this life and she wan use this thin for the betterment and also wake people up and the thing go come make our society better.

Dis program wey go dey happen every week na for everybody wey get beta something to talk and na so she go dey give out plenty awoof with foto plus queshun wey go educate and entertain the people dem on wetin dey happen for we society.

if you wan be part of dis tin, na small tin, just tweet @cutekimani make you use the hash tag #kimanioffair, for every Friday by 8 O'clock for night; people wey join go get the chance to ask the tanda gidigba people any queshun  and dem go even fit get follow follow for twitter.

Make una support this movement my people. 

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