"Mannequin E-mix is the first single off the annual Micworx Music free electronic mixes EP: The E-mixes, now in its second volume. The E-mixes are an electronic remake of Indigenous songs, and Volume 2 explores a wider scope of electronic music than its predecessor, incorporating elements of Trance, Progressive house, House, Deep House, Funky House, Dubstep and Complextro. It features original mixes and remixes of songs by various artists including P-square, 2 Face, Capital FEMI, Tiwa Savage, Eva, Shojay, Zara, Kraftmatics, Lucy Edwards, EmmyAce, Dramin and more.
The delectable Eva shows off her singing voice on the mannequin e-mix (The original song appears on her album) telling a story of lost love in these words – “if you could hear me I would tell you that you’re the finest thing I’ve seen; if you could kiss me I would let you kiss me like I’ve never been; But you are just a mannequin”.

Micworx eclectic producer Bigfoot builds a thrilling mix of dubstep and progressive house that gives it a sharp emotional edge, utilizing gritty drums, screaming synths, arpeggios and startling breaks. The result, an unorthodox, beautiful, poignant listen that sets the pace for the e-mixes volume 2"


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