Picture me sitting in my chair, more like lying on my chair; my legs are stretched out in front of me and it’s my back that’s on the seat(not my ass). There’s a big smile on my face and for a few seconds, time doesn’t exist, well, as long as I can hear that ‘Like to party’ track with Burna Boy casually laying out the lyrics.

It’s very rare to find a fresh track that is so simple, nostalgic, groovy and chill, all rolled up in one. That’s the undeniable fact about this track. For a year that’s been dominated by club bangers that have sent heads nodding off their spines, while hands and legs move in opposing directions (Ghana we see you!), ‘Like to party’ sneaks up on you and transports you to a place/period you’ll always want to be at.

Yes, a lot of us like to party, like to get down on a Friday night and make the weekend pay, but it’s not every time Terry G has to ring a bell in your life or Wiz Kid has to get you Pakurumo-ing. Sometimes you just want to grab that chick gently and watch her move her waist “…to the left, to the right’.

It’s only natural.

I probably heard the name ‘Burna Boy a couple of times between late last year and early this year, but I confess I never knew what he was about. Yeah, he had a couple of videos I probably came across while surfing the music channels on cable but I never quite honestly recognized him with a specific tune or genre. Now look at me famzing(I usually do this when I hear something I consider outstandingly fresh: ask David Adeleke).

Seriously though, 80s/early 90s babies will feel a sort of connection with the instrumentals to this song. Its mellow, chill rhythm never hinders one from dancing; in fact, you’ll almost be forced to. Memories of KC & Jojo, Keith Sweat and Total somehow come to mind while bumping this mad tune.

I found myself downloading Burna’s (that’s what I’ll be calling him till I figure out his real name, stop hating on me) last mixtape (Burn Identity: The Mix tape), y’all need to cop that too.


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