After watching the video for AT's "Empire Life" some weeks ago i searched literally everywhere to get more materials from her to share with everyone as i think she is someone we all should listen to. Her music is top quality.

But it took me a while to find her because i was searching wrongly. My search parameters were AT + Chug (Don't blame me, i love me my alchie...). Finally i did find her video on youtube and surprisingly (to me) she is already raking in numbers for views which was around 68,000 as at the time i found her.

I won't see it as being behind 68,000 people because i got a goodie off her youtube page...a priceless link to her recently released mixtape (AT: THE CLIMB MIXTAPE). I can only be sorry for myself for finding her at the end of September when the mixtape plus video dropped in August. Please download it for your own good. Its classy music, miles away from all the noise we hear daily

The video for 'Empire Life' was directed by Paul "Gambit" Obata and it was shot in Lagos,Nigeria. Follow her on twitter @thisisAT to not be a last carrier like me.

Watch the  "EMPIRE LIFE" video off her newly released mixtape "THE CLIMB"....


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