Trybe Records CEO, Lanre Dabiri popularly known as eLDee, has explained the rationale behind his acquisition of a Cadillac Escalade Limousine worth several millions of Naira for his newly signed artistes.

Earlier last week, the rapper cum producer posted a few pictures of the limousine on Instagram, and the caption on one of the photos read: “Newly acquired Trybelimo, nightlife in Lagos will never be the same for Team Trybe.”

Explaining why the record label would spend so much on the artistes, eLDee said, “The management felt the need for its artistes to be conveyed in style, and to ensure their safety as responsible drinkers by providing a chauffeur to ensure nobody ever drives under the influence of alcohol.”

He told ENCOMIUM Weekly more in an interview held on Friday, September 28,2012

ENC: You’re seriously in a re-branding process of your label, Trybe Records. What informed it?

eLDee: The re-branding is something that needed to happen for Trybe Records. We are pioneering branding in the contemporary Nigerian music industry and we have contributed a lot. The new breed of artistes on Trybe Records represent the future of Nigerian music, and it was only right that we expressed that in our branding and public image, hence Trybe Records V.20.

ENC: Almost 10 artistes, the highest signing in the country, how do you cope?

eLDee: We have a strong and highly experienced team, a better team that we have ever had. And we have also created smaller teams to manage each artiste’ affairs.
We pride ourselves in our ability to release multiple artistes at the same time because our structure allows us the luxury. A lot of record labels are unable to manage multiple projects beacuse of lack of organization and financial restrictions. We have put in place a structure to manage all of that simultaneously.

ENC: What are the challenges and future plans?

eLDee:Our challenges and creative industry – structure related, basic enforcement of intellectual property laws by the government, accountability of marketers and content aggregators, and proper regulation of content management laws.
As for our future plans, we plan to continue building an entertainment structure that will support independent record labels and create an opportunity for us to further explore creative ways to exploit our creative assets, now and in the future.

Trybe Records, founded by eLDee the Don over a decade ago, has in the last nine months signed over five artistes. Aside K9 and Sojay, who were winners of the Top Talent Reality Show organized by Trybe Records and immediately signed on last year, the likes of producer – Sarz, gifted singer and producer, Sheyman, talented rapper, Eva, songbird, Aramide and lyricist, Rukus, have been signed on Trybe Records.


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