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Exams started and it was time to write the particular paper I chose for the purpose of boosting my GP. We were in the hall by 9am which was the time slated for the exams but the invigilators didn't show up till about 9:30a.m.
By 10 o'clock, we had been given question papers. The drama that ensued in the next 10 minutes isn't 1 I'd forget in a hurry. A hall which was initially filled with about a hundred and twenty students was almost empty. At the end of the day, only thirty students sat for the paper. The rest submitted their empty answer sheets and trouped out of the hall. Truth be told, the exam was really tough. I managed to remember a bit of what I crammed and used residual knowledge to do the rest; lest I forget, I'm a very smart girl though. I wrote a little on each question and by the time I was done, I knew there had to be a miracle to help me get nothing less than a B. A 'C' would make my GP worse than it already was, thereby defeating the original purpose of doing the course.

Walking out of the exam hall, I met a classmate who asked how the paper was. "Omo ehn, I wish I hadn't submitted that paper o! The thing hard die!" I said. He smiled and said "I fit help you run am make you for get 'A' for the course sha". He explained that the lecturer-in-charge of the course had a younger brother who he gives the marking scheme and the scripts to mark. This lecturer's brother happened to be the runs guy who would collect your money. In turn, he would give you a new script and the marking scheme which would avail one the opportunity to re-write the exam. He would then staple the new script into the old stamped one, mark the script, give you an A! That way, everybody would be happy! This however meant that I had to wait till exams were over and students had gone home so that I could go to the guy's house to which was the venue for my 'resit' exam. Sincerely, I couldn't wait!

The day came to write the exam, I told two other friends with whom I had written the terrible exams (afterall, what are friends for?) And we left for the 'venue'. We got there, the new scripts were handed to us and we were instructed to fill in our details. I became worried because the old scripts had been stamped so I was wondering how these new ones would be stamped too. He showed me some scripts he had previously worked on and there was no difference so my mind was at rest. I started writing what was in his marking scheme and discovered that what I wrote in the hall wasn't really different from what I was re-writing and I stood a chance of getting a B with what I wrote from cramming and using my common sense. It got so bad at some point that I decided there was really no need to continue writing. I explained to the guy. And told him not to take out my old script. I even agreed to pay for the wasted sheets. He obliged.

As I walked back home alone, I thought. 'I'd make my 2:1 after all.'

It was that time when results were being pasted and students were hustling to get to the board. They were literally stepping on each other's toes, shouting and even fighting just so they could see their own results. tin my mind, I was wondering why on earth people liked to stress themselves.
"Won't we all still see it? Hian!". I was waiting for the crowd to reduce when one of my classmates came and told me that my name was on a separate sheet. They had equally pasted a list of students that were to see the lecturer. In my mind, I feeling like a scholar. I was almost sure that the lecturer wanted to see the student who didn't attend classes but gave him his marking scheme! I got to the lecturer's office and received the shock of my life. The lecturer brought out two scripts, both with my details! I felt my legs weaken under me that very minute! I wanted to jump out of my skin, I was weak...right there, I saw all my crumble before me. I pictured my mum crying and the look of disappointment on my brother's face.
Where would I even start from if I got expelled?! In my final year?! "Well, young lady, as it stands now, this issue is beyond me. I have already involved a senior lecturer who has said you and your co-horts will face the school panel for examination malpractice. And I'm sure you already know, that the decision of the panel is final."

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