Next up on the One Mic Naija speaks with... is the lovely Tomi Odunsi!
Some may be shocked  to see Tomi as a singer since they know her more as ‘Shalewa’ on Tinsel but Tomi Odunsi actually started singing before she auditioned for the role.

Here, she tells us a bit about what 2013 has to offer for her, and why she signed  up for #OneMicNaija.

1.    What will 2013 look like music wise from your perspective?

2013 is my year to blow musically and also in every other aspect of my career. Its the year the world will see that there's more to me than mEets the eye. I intend to consistently create good music. Often people try to put me in a box but in 2013 that will change. As the world will hear good music from me constantly.

2.    Have you performed live before? What was your first experience like?

I enjoy performing live, as I express myself better in live performances . My first experience wasn't that great because I was so overwhelmed by the crowd, I was very nervous and couldn't give an 100percent.

3.    Why did you sign up for #OneMicNaija?

Its a very good platform to express myself musically

4.    What should we expect from your performance?

Good music and a 100percent star performance.

5.    Which of the other artistes on the line up have you worked with before or would love to work with?

I have not worked with any of them before but i really love their sounds and style.

Tomi says ‘i wan blow’ and you will get a chance to see that happen on the 28th at #OneMicNaija

One Mic Naija holds on Sunday April 28th at Swe Bar, 5pm with regular hosts, Kel and KB.

One Mic Naija is supported by 360Nobs, iCr8media, abisona dot com, City 105.1FM, Cool Beans Clothing Company, Kennis Music Channel, Rhythm 93.7FM, Reel Radio, NET and Zapphaire Events.

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