After taking many radio stations, music channels, clubs and venues by storm with his freestyle Real Speech,  JMilla is back on the music scene with a new hit called: POSE.  If Real Speech   took us back     through  JMilla’s darkest days before becoming one of the most talked about promising music creator on the Nigerian music scene, POSE is definitely a form of transition to a greater place: he’s celebrating his free-spirited life, the power hidden behind something simple as taking a photo.  Committed to take the GRIP Movement to a new level, JMilla showcased his originality and creativity by summarizing his catchy lyrics in 4 letters P O S E just like his favorite word G R I P which stands for Gathering Royalty Initiating Possibilities.

  Besides being known as the genius behind Ice Prince Zamani’s latest singles VIP and Gimme Dat Chopstix  who has produced   Pose   and many of the Grip Boiz  hits such as Dash Me Da Ting , Is It You, Bad Bad Bad, 48, Red Rose …  did not hesitate to take his mastered skills to a level many have yet to discover : Pose has  already received a lot of praise during several private listening gatherings.

  If Grip Muzik  is actually known as  an extraordinary  Movement   on a mission to spread and redefine great music all over the African continent, JMilla , Endia ,Yung L and Chopstix are taking their  fans and critics  on a journey  by inviting them to “ pose for a photo” wherever they are, share it with the world  while reflecting  on  Pose  and the real essence of Good,  Sweet  Muzik .
Download and Enjoy.


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