The ultimate reality show is about to hit the screens. A distinctively Nigeria reality show captioned “The Next Fuji Star” is about to become the ‘end of discussion’ as far as reality shows are concerned. Slated to air on DSTV, AIT and LTV auditions are ready to begin next month.
Audition venues include ILORIN, IBADAN, ABEOKUTA and LAGOS  where contestants are expected to unleash unlimited Tungba…..
Auditions schedule is as follows:
Ilorin: 17th & 18th of June 2013 at Bovina View International Hotel, New Yidi Road.
Ibadan: 20th & 21st  2013 at Kofo Rentals Homes, New Adeoyo Hospital Road, Off Ring Road.
Abeokuta: 23rd & 24th  June 2013 at Lukjim Hotel & Resort, opposite NNPC by Ita-Oshin Park.
Lagos: 27th & 28th June 2013 at Bar Continental, 28 Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA
TNFS…………. The Search for “The Next Fuji Star” is a proudly Nigerian reality TV show aimed at bringing this wholly Nigerian music genre to deserved spotlight. In a space with a plethora of music competitions, the time has come for an original Nigerian sound, deeply embraced by millions of Nigerians country-wide to come to the fore. Fuji music, born on the gritty streets and undersides of the South-West has gone on to conquer audiences nationally and internationally. Its beats and lyrics pulse with the life and sounds of traditional drums, mixed in with modern synthesized compositions. It may be regarded or perceived as a “Ghetto, back to the street Style” of music but we see it as a platform ready to showcase the very best of the raw talent that is out there on the street, and projecting them on the screen, to be appreciated and celebrated. The existence and impact of Fuji over the years has proven that it is a genre to be reckoned with in the music and entertainment space and we are confident that this is time to give it its pride of place. In the words of Adewale Ayuba, who has been slated as the CHIEF JUDGE of the show:“This is the time for our own original “tiwa n tiwa” reality TV show” and “time to rise up to the occasion, promoting our very own African heritage and originality”.
For participation, sponsorship, advertorials, partnership, clarity and or any other details, you can follow us on Facebook , on twitter @thenextfujistar or visit our website
The show is designed to discover the very best of talented Fuji acts in Nigeria. Set to be an annual show and ready to engage an estimated 40 to 80 million Nigerians (viewership) who will be watching nationwide as winners will stand as brand ambassadors for the sponsoring company.
The Search for The Next Fuji Star Reality TV Show is the first of its kind and promises lots of excitement, dynamism and will doubtless be a massive platform for brand promotion to sponsors.
Contact Information:
The Next Fuji Star
14, Fadeyi Street
Off Awolowo way
Ikeja Lagos
+2348033026229, +2348128218268, +2348108522083

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