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I keep getting emails from a Certain Mr Orlando Bloom, I hope he is the screen god that i want him to be...if not, i would be terribly disappointed.  (By the way i hope you guys notice where i got that picture from...Yes, i checked out the man's worth, i gotta know how much to ask for)

In the last four weeks, the said Mr Orlnado Bloom has sent about 10 unreplied emails and he keeps sending them...He must know something we don't know because he to want to invest in 9jaupdates like no one wants to considering we have been looking for investors to take the business forward for a while now and Nigerians make a hell of a bargain...they won't just invest, they'd rather buy...for beer money!! This is an empire y'all! We'll come strong... *on my knees in prayer* And to all of you that wouldn't help a brother...including you Mr Osunnaike, wait till Mr Orlando Bloom invest, i'll drive my Range Rover straight to your house...just for show off (and no i am not materialistic by any means).

Back to our dear Mr Orlando Bloom, this is a copy of the email he sent case you want someone to invest in your business too...

Sad thing is...He didn't add a company name...But i replied though...i finally did...what can a dreamer do?
Read a copy of my reply..

Have a great day everyone, beware of scammers!!!!

- Kehny

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