This is an interesting infograph i found through Mofolusade, it was actually shared on G+ by +123Prints UK.  Anyways this one annoys me the most...

"Z -  Anybody here got those people on their contacts who are all about marketing their business? No human-like conversations ever, not even a personal hello, they hardly even bother to read your own messages, just broadcast messages every morning and every night! Puhleease! Get a life and stop clogging our timelines and emails"

My Blackberry is filled with people like this and am thinking this weekend some of them have to go...70 percent of them are bloggers and they kill me with news that i already sometimes want to make me throw away my blackberry... But i have too many lovelies on bbm to do that :)

What do you think about the infograph?

- Kehny

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