Snow! This one na definition of artiste wey suppose blow but wey still dey wait for fame. As person wey dey into music and wey dey follow music wella for our obodo naija, I don know Snow for some time now and I must talk the truth, the guy sabi sing.

E get one particular song wey I hear from am a while back, him remix John Legend ‘Ordinary People’ and him call am ‘Ordinary pimples’ and the song sweet well well.

For this video for Ajani, Snow talk about himself, how him be singer wey never blow but make Snow no worry, many people dey look their own career self and dey ask the same question too. Even though this song no really pass any message apart from say e show use say Snow get voice, we expect to hear many songs from Snow in the future wey go really carry a message. Make him no too dey obsessed about him past, na experience, one day God go make am blow (and me too) as we all know say cow wey no get tail na God dey help am chase fly.

But the main mata for this Snow issue be say make him no give up, keep dey do the hard work and make him make sure say people dey listen to am and before you know, him turn go come (amen).

Make una see the video and check download the song make una talk wetin una think for down…

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